The Books, YouTube Channels, etc that helped me grow

This week I said I’ll be doing something special and here it is. This past year has been HUGE for me. It’s a year I decided things needed to changed, a year where I’ve gone down a long road of constant self-improvement (which I’m nowhere near the end of yet).

I owe so much to it to these few books, channels, and people that I’m listing right here.


Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual

This was definitely the biggest game changer. This book is a fairly medium book, not too large but it’s got pretty much everything any software developer should know in every aspect of his life (this goes way beyond just your career). This even explores areas such as health, finances, and even your day-to-day mindset as you handle a career as a software developer.

On another note, this book was written by John Sonmez who’s YouTube channel is further down on this list.

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People

People skills in a book. I myself started out as a massive introvert (and I’m sure I’m not the only one). This is ok for a while but then you realise you need those people skills to greatly expand your opportunities in life, both within and beyond your career.

YouTube Channels

Bulldog Mindset

This is a guy who knows his shit. John Sonmez was formerly known as Simple Programmer, the company he started dedicated to helping out other software developers (it’s also thanks to him that I got this neat little badge you see on the right).

This guy is going to tell you how to be a man. How to just grab your balls and push through and live your life the best way you possibly can, especially as a programmer.

Evan Carmichael

Not gonna lie, at first I was only sticking around this guy’s channel for his productive music playlists. Upon checking him out, I found that this guy review’s successful people’s habits on a daily basis.

This channel doesn’t focus on programming, but all the content in it just screams dedication. And with the way he delivers it, you’ll find that it starts rubbing off on you.


Okay so there’s not much on this list at all, I admit. I suppose that just goes to show how much each one of these affected me, from my daily routine, knowledge on different topics, and the way I see everything around me.

John, Evan, if either of you are somehow reading this, thanks so much for all you’ve done.