Free Premium for anyone who opts in to Shopshop Beta

Hi guys! Well first things first, for the probably 5 guys who actually tune in to my blog, yeah I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. I’ve been posting a lot more regularly on TikTok and life has been busy to say the least.

Over the course of 2021, I’ve been working on an app of mine I’ve called Shopshop Shopping List. It’s a shopping list app geared towards simplicity, speed, and efficiency, allowing you to write down your shopping all quickly and just go to town with it (maybe even literally).

Working on it has been intermittent work done over the course of the year but now I’m ready to release what I believe to be the final beta version of the app, Shopshop Beta 0.7.

I want people to test it out, find bugs, and give me feedback so I can prepare for the official release of Shopshop 1.0.0.

There may be patch releases between now and then, but other than those, Shopshop Beta 0.7 should be a near snapshot of what the official Shopshop 1.0.0 is meant to look like.

You can join the beta programme here:

Now I’m running a promotion with this release. Everyone who tests Shopshop Beta 0.7 and gives me feedback on the app via email or any of my socials (details below) will be given Shopshop Premium for life.

All you have to do is test the app and either email me or DM me on any of my socials below:





After receiving your feedback, I’ll reply back to you with a promo code which you can enter into Google Play to give you Shopshop Premium for free.

Unfortunately there are only 420 of these codes and 1 of them has already been used.

Thanks for all the help, hope you like Shopshop, looking forward to hearing from you guys, and happy new year!