Simple Programmer: The Man Who Helped Me Start It All

2018 has begun and its been 2 months since I started my blog. I may not have gotten very far, but I at least feel that there’s this huge improvement in my posts now compared to when I started.

Not only do I feel more confident. I also feel more knowledgable about all the topics I’ve talked about. Firebase, Kotlin, and just Android in general.

This is all thanks to one man…


John Sonmez: Simple Programmer

Not long before I brought this website to life and started this blog, I stumbled upon this man’s Youtube channel, Simple Programmer. I had just found the resolve to really get out there and try to make a name for myself. If I could do this, I could offer my services out to the world.

After watching some of these videos, my resolve only grew stronger, and so did my knowledge base. I learned so much from this man about freelancing, marketing, and even other areas of life such as healthy eating and spiritual balance.

I’ve never talked to him personally, had an online chat with him or anything like that. Yet, I’m already looking up to John as a mentor. He’s just that great.

According to John, if there’s any action you should do right now to get yourself out there as a software developer, it’s to start a blog. I took his advice and started this. I may not really be “somebody” yet, but I no longer feel that I am “nobody” anymore.

I may not have the large traffic that other sites and people have, but I definitely did gain the confidence. I feel that’s a huge step forward.

Simple Programmer’s Blogging Email Course

John Sonmez isn’t the kind of guy to tell you to do something and leave you out on your own. That’s why he’s set up this free 7-part blogging course that he sends directly to your emails. I’ve enrolled in this myself and only found that my knowledge base about blogging has grown largely since I started.

If any of you are planning to start a blog, or even anywhere into a career in software development, I really do recommend you check him out.


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