The Future of Eric Decanini: The Blog and its Embers

So this one’s going to be a bit different, and a little more serious. Over the past few months, my blogs have been all over the place.

Eric Decanini as a blog started out by explaining each Firebase tool and service and put it in a way that would be easy to understand for even the most inexperienced of developers and allow them to get their apps connected through the cloud.

Over time, I expanded to RxJava and started talking about that. I went into things like the Operator Toolbelt series and that was something I really enjoyed exploring myself.

Apart from that though, I felt like every week was just a grind to get a new post out. I didn’t really find myself enjoying or learning as much as I did in the beginning. I didn’t feel like I was giving out much value anymore.

Sure, there are things in Firebase I probably left unexplored like say, pagination. There’s still a whole world of RxJava that I haven’t even touched yet.

But my point is, I don’t want to lock myself down to these things. I chose Firebase as a specialisation, but I don’t reckon it’s a healthy one because it’s way too specific.


What’s going to change?

There’s so much in the Android ecosystem I’d like to explore. Front-end UI and UX development, animation, Android Wear, ROM hacking, tweaking the development environment (Android Studio), and so much more.

Is this going to become a budget Android Hive or Android Authority? Probably, but without the authority. The blog may lose any recurring theme for a while (other than Android), but I will be exploring a way larger range of things.

I’ll still go back to Firebase and RxJava when I find points on interest, especially when new features come out. I’ll be closely following big talks like Google I/O and the Firebase Summits.

And who knows? Maybe in time, I’ll rediscover my specialisation, and hopefully, it’s something you’ll like too.

So I apologise if there isn’t a ‘real’ blog post this week. We’ll get there, and we’ll get there with power.

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