“Lazy Solutions” Making Tedious and Mundane Tasks Quicker

I recently had to work on this app where mind-numbingly long lists of arrays needed to be filled in. I thought “that would take me ages!”. But come on, we’re programmers. We can make things happen.

So imagine this: a program writing all your code for you. A program that can write a thousand lines of code faster than you can write half of one.

I call these “Lazy Solutions”. Most programmers should be able of writing programs that can write to a text file, and that’s exactly what Lazy Solutions does. It prints code into a text file for you to copy and paste it to your actual IDE. Since the coding solutions can vary from person to person, this is something which can’t easily be sold as a product, but rather something you can create for yourself!


How I created my Lazy Solution

Writing a Lazy Solutions is really all about making a program that can automate writing lines of code. Make it as simple as it can be. A command line program is perfectly fine. In other words, if you know any programming language that can output text into a text file, you’ll be fine.

For my Lazy Solution here, I had to write a program that loops through sound files in a folder, and then write arrays containing the necessary code to include them. After generating the code, I just copy it into Android Studio (or any other IDE in other cases).


I used VB.Net to create mine. It takes in a folder of sound files, loops through them, and writes arrays containing the necessary code to include them, outputting them into a simple text file.


And it’s really just a simple command line program.


Voila! It’s quick to write, however, the results are priceless. So much time and money saved. Now you have time to watch that film you’ve been putting on hold for so long.


“If it’s so great then why don’t you create a lazy solution for this blog?”


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